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Latest replyon May 26, 2017 10:14 AM by jeanineb51955204

Ive recently designed logo for a website. I am a newbie on photoshop. The design is very good it suits the the website and the nameelzariayou could check it out there.

But the only thing is that the quality of the logo looks little bad. What is the cause of this? does anyone know by any chance?

Because the logo was saved as a jpg, which is the wrong type of file format for a logo design like yours. jpgs compression algorithm is acceptable for photos, but leads to visible artefacting and noise when used for saving these type of sharp-edged logos.

By the way, the coding for that website is absolutely terrible. (sorry) Wix, right? Not a good choice, in my opinion.

Please post images on this Forum directly, otherwise you expose yourself to the suspicion of trying to generate traffic for some web-site.

the reason i posted the link is because the quality if bad on the website only. when i preview it on my computer it looks normal.

For graphics, png format is best. If you have a master PSD file of your logo, generate a png directly from it. Do not convert (Save As)

a lossy type jpeg to a png because the loss is already cooked in.

It turns out Creative Live is currently broadcasting a class about Logo Design in Photoshop the Right way by Jason Hoppe who is an amazing teacher. May 26 – 27. Check it out you will definitely learn something!

Logo Design in Photoshop the Right Way with Jason Hoppe