My Gift To You

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As you open up this present As you peek inside to see This gift that I have sent you Is nothing more than me. A gift of love and happiness A gift so dear to me. This special gift I have sent you Is very precious you see. This gift that came from deep within This gift that only you shall see A precious gift of memories Is all that it will be. The years we have behind us The years that are yet to be Have filled my heart with happiness And joy for you and me. So as you open up this gift And peek inside to see See all the wonderful memories I have of you and me. The joy and laughter we have shared The tears that kissed our cheeks Have filled my heart with memories For only you and me. So thank you for this gift I share with you today. These many precious memories That fill my heart everyday.

Copyright ©Janet EatonYear Posted 2015

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Post CommentsPleaseLoginto post a commentSunshine SmileDate: 2/10/2015 4:20:00 AM- This poem is a beautiful gift from you Janet ! – thank you – hugs // Anne-Lise :)Login to ReplyJanet Eaton

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