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Building custom processes and procedures is part of our belief that total quality management means full evaluation of every project and client has to be done individually by a dedicated team. Project profiling at the outset provides a valuable set of tools including Style Guides, Governance Procedures, Best Practices and Guidelines, Project Briefing documents, Check Lists and Scorecards for translation, review, post-editing activities. All completed quality control documents are maintained as a project archive within the workflow. Statistical quality data is automatically generated and reported.

Quality Control Management & Reporting is built into the foundation of our workflow solution in line with EN 15038, the European standard for quality assurance in translation.

Support is provided for all in the supply chain from the skills of the professional translator to global teams and organizations with whom we collaborate. The Human Resource management within the system tracks and traces all approved resources, academic, career, specializations and availability with pending status of project assignment.

A collaborative in-country review application enables client or appointed reviewers to review, comment and modify content within the translation workflow. On-Line distributed access is provided to and interaction with server-based repositories with your key terminology and Translation Memory, structured using attributes always guiding resources to consistent usage of previously approved content.

Logos isISO 9001:2008 & 13485:2012 & EN 15038:2006 certified

Thanks, all. I forwarded this to our chief marketing officer, who noted that it was an excellent translation.

The communication is outstanding. I have never had a change in schedule.

I believe the quality of the translations to be very good based on the comments of the ICRs reviewing them

Was 1st order from my part. Logos perfectly competent in understanding the requests, the issue in itself and providing the technical translations in the proposed term of time. Next time it is Logos again, for sure!

The Logos Team that I work with continually go above and beyond to support our translation needs.

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