Quality Management Logo

This logo was sold on 2015-10-06 for $100.

The buyer now holds the exclusive copyright to this image. That means we cannot resell it to you, nor can we make you a logo exactly like it. (And you cant bribe us either!)

A clean, contemporary design using flat colors and minimal composition to quickly and clearly communicate Quality to your client. • The letter Q is reinforced by both positive and negative shapes. • The meter indicates data management, project tracking and quality assurance. • Color palette catches the eye and communicates integrity, depth and sustainability • Checked against .gov trademark database and reverse image search of almost 4 billion images online assures that this logo is one of a kind. Designed for flexible use as a stand-alone Logomark, as part of the Logotype for a business name, and as an iOS7 app button.

qqq quality, assurance, control, management, risk, mitigation, meter, metrics, tracking, …