The Custom House

The Custom House at Salem Maritime NHS is the last of 13 Custom Houses in the city.There has been a Custom House in Salem since 1649, collecting taxes on imported cargos first for the British Government during the Colonial period, then for the American Government after the establishment of the

U. S. Customs Servicein 1789. This Custom House was built in 1819 and housed offices for the officers of the U.S. Customs Service, as well as an attached warehouse, thePublic Stores, used for the storage of bonded and impounded cargo.

The Collectors offices were furnished with rich colors and fine furniture. The furniture in these offices was purchased by the Customs Service in 1873.

The Custom House symbolized the Federal Governments presence in Salem, requiring the architects to design an impressive building. High ceilings, a sweeping staircase, and beautifully carved woodwork all contribute to a feeling of strength and stability. The Salem Custom House was used by theU. S. Customs Serviceinto the 1930s, and the furnishings reflect the long use of the building.

In 1826, a wooden eagle was placed on the roof. It was carved by Salem craftsman Joseph True, and its original cost was $50.00. In 2004, the original wooden eagle was replaced with a fiberglass replica. After undergoing several years of conservation work, the original wooden eagle is on display inside the Custom House.

Today, the U.S. Custom House in Salem contains exhibits on the tools of theCustom Service, the work of the Customs inspectors, and the office ofNathaniel Hawthorne, the famous American author whose three-year-long stint in the Salem Custom House inspired his classic novel,

The Custom House is open daily by tour. For tour infomation, seeVisiting Salem Maritime

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