20 Items You Can Buy Dirt Cheap In China

Oh, China. An amazing country filled with ancient history, beautiful buildings, and world famous sites. Ohand lots of shopping! Heres what you can buy for cheap, cheap, cheap.

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We have outlined a lot of really awesome ways to buy things cheap in China (likebarteringin China andplaces to buythings super cheap like the Pearl Market)but here is our list of the top items you can buy dirt cheap in China!

You can get some shoes of all different styles and brands for $12-13 (or a bit more, depending on your bartering skills) think Converse, Vans, and Hunter boots! I came home with 2 pairs of Converse for $16.

Compare getting hundred dollar leather purses for about $16-20. (I may have come home with about 12 purses my first ILP trip to China …whoops). Of course the cheaper the purse, the cheaper the quality, so shop around at different vendors depending on what youre looking for.

You dont know how awesome scarves are until you can buy them for less than $2. Those are for lots of different scarves, but even some more expensive ones are a lot less money than they would be in America.

Either silk scarves, shirts, bags, table clothes, napkins, decorations, etc. Silk is a big deal in China and there are a lot of places you can go where the silk is made and buy it locally…oh, and its beautiful.

Guys, you can get a tailored suit so cheap in Chinathink $80 for pants, jacket, and a few tailored shirts. In America that runs you at the very least $300. Girls, get yourwedding dressmade! Instead of spending thousands of dollars, think about $100-200.

You can get gifts for all your friends back home at killer prices. Jewelry, trinkets, fans, chopsticks and toys all for a few dollars.

Jade is very popular in China. Learn the different ways to spot good jade vs. glass jade and you can get gorgeous bracelets for super cheap. About $60-80 for a nice jade bracelet and about $8 for jade pendants, and about $4-6 for jade earrings.

Instead of $15-20 like at home, pay around $5! You can get great deals if you purchase several shirts from one vendor (so go shopping with your ILP group).

If youre a really light packer, you can head over to China with one suitcase instead of two and buy your second BIG one there for about ¼ of the price. In China it is about $10-15.

Get a long strand of pearls for about $6. Barter with your whole ILP group and get a better deal because youre buying more than one.

A word to the wise (and this goes for most items), just be sure that youre getting a quality watch. If they pull out an unwrapped one for you, make sure it works. About $5-15.

About $20 for nice jeans. Most are knock offs with the name brand sewn on them, but still nice!

Super cheap and awesome there. By cheap we mean about $8-10.

Youll get to choose from hundreds of styles. There are some barter saavy volunteers who have bought them as cheap as $1 for a pair so buy more than one to get a good deal.

Get the specialized ones with a lot of really cool themes! Movie themes, country themes, Chinese images, etc. You can get them for about .50 cents or $1.

There are some absolutely gorgeous decorative and usable tea pots and cups. Just pack them with care for your flight home after your semester living abroad.

Make sure they are very good quality because youre taking a risk with electronics. Try it out, make sure it works while youre still standing in front of the vendor. Think about $15-20 for headphones (similar to beats), and $5-10 for speakers.

Instead of spending a ton of money on them at home, spend $20-25 in China.

Think $5-10 for a whole set of makeup things and supplies. You can even get really cheap nail polish (can be under $1 for a bottle).

These are just a few of the MANY things you can get for much cheaper in China than in America. Sopack light when you head over so you have room to bring all the things back.

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