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Also, in the following period we will start implementing the suggestions posted by our community

for the MoP realm (PvE difficulty downscaling to be doable with less players, etc)

Were having a contest and rewarding winners with

to spend on whatever you want, on any expansion (MoP or Legion). All you have to do is LIKE & SHARE

(and make a comment with liked and shared). EVERYONE can participate in this contest, both old and new players.

Prizes: 1 player will receive 100$, 2 players will receive 50$ each, 3 players will receive 30$ each, 20 players will receive 20$ each and 40 players will receive 10$ each

Contest ends on 14th December. Winners will be selected randomly from the list of facebook accounts which liked & shared the post

has been implemented on all difficulties (normal, heroic, LFR and Flex modes). SoO cooldowns were reset for all players.

– As you may have seen by now, we have enabled the possibility of

. This is a follow-up of the public discussion between our community members

. To get your instant 90 simply check the

to help you in your future endeavours. If you want, you can simply ignore that NPC and level normally if you like leveling.

– Even though late, we started working on the

remaining bosses again and this time well deliver. Hopefully soon and we apologize for the huge delay.

Were also open for suggestions on how to improve the realm population, please post any suggestion

For those that dont know, Obliterum is used for increasing the ilvl of your profession crafted gear (+50 levels), up to a maximum of 865 (in 7.1.5).

UPDATE: Because nobody managed to clear up Trial of Valor Mythic mode (and we dont have any actual feedback from guarm / helya mythic), we will POSTPONE the realm first race for another week: 27th October 2017

For the realm first race, we will disable Trial of Valor Mythic mode Friday morning (20th October) after the PvE reset and we will enable it again Friday night at 8 PM server time so all guilds will start the raid in the same time.

P.S.: Item level caps (world quest reward ilvl, warforged/titanforged max ilvl, pvp ilvl, etc) will remain the same until we open Nighthold!

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