Free Portable And Lightweight Torrent Client Patchy

for Windows. Most interesting thing about Patchy is that its very small, less than a megabyte in size, and of course like we already mentioned that there are both portable and a installable version of it available. Patchy is also completely ad free, nothing will bother you, there arent any kind of promotions or anything like that. It works with both the standard .torrent files and magnet links.

Despite of the fact that this free bitorrent client is miniature in size and that it doesnt take up a lot of system resources, Patchy has a lot to offer.

Similar software:TransmissionuTorrent.

Pretty much everything that you get in the more mainstream clients is also available in Patchy. Even the interface is pretty much the same to every other torrent client. In the top left corner standard menu is available, in the middle list of torrents that youre downloading will be displayed, while all the way at the bottom you can find more detailed information about the torrents that youre downloading. Patchy also supports RSS feeds, they can be opened up in the left sidebar. Key features of this free torrent client are:

Portable and lightweight works without installation click and run

Supports both .torrent files and the increasingly popular magnet links

Download labels categorize torrent downloads using colored labels

RSS feeds add RSS feeds and receive updates about new uploads

Highly adjustable speed limits, connections settings, behavior, etc.

Seeding limits limit the number of hours or ratio of your seeds

In a lot of ways Patchy is the spitting image of uTorrent, but before it had ads. Not that long ago uTorrent started showing ads. Not that theres anything wrong with that, but some users might not take very kind to the idea. If you dont like your bittorrent client having ads, Patchy is a great alternative. Heres a few pointers to help you get started.

Patchy will offer you to make it the default torrent client for your system. If you say yes, every time that you click on a torrent download button on a website, Patchy is gonna open up. Torrents can also be added manually by selecting File Add Torrent.

Download will start automatically. Click on the torrent file from the download queue and down below youre gonna see a more detailed report on its status. To access preferences, youre gonna have to open up Options.

For example, if youre interested in setting download or upload speed limits, switch over to the Connection tab on the left and fill out the Max Upload and Max Download fields. When youre done, click Save and youre done.

Patchyis still in development, but we havent noticed any kind of problems when using this free torrent client. System tray icon is available, where Patchy can be minimized. Works very fast and its very easy to use. Give it a try and see how it goes. Free download.

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