Curse App Becomes Twitch Desktop App With New Enhancements

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Curse App Becomes Twitch Desktop App With New Enhancements

Twitch rebrands the Curse App as the Twitch Desktop App and adds new features to create the optimal Twitch community communication tool (Graphic: Business Wire)Multimedia Gallery URL

Social video platformTwitchtoday announced it will rebrand and enhance the Curse App as the Twitch Desktop App, a communication tool that serves as a natural extension of Twitchs main platform. The Twitch Desktop App features community servers, voice/video messaging, and game content distribution to represent a unified communication tool for the Twitch community. This benefits streamers as much as their followers, since their communities can thrive even when the streamer is offline. The public beta for the Twitch Desktop App begins on March 16 and will be available for download here: .

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Since the Twitch community thrives on building solid and meaningful connections with each other, we have been hard at work building products that address this need, said Emmett Shear, CEO, Twitch. The Twitch Desktop App–which features all of the elements people love about the Curse app, such as screen sharing, voice and video calling, and community server creation–is now bolstered by Twitch features. This includes Friends, Whispers, activity sharing, and will soon serve as a game library for purchases fulfilled by Twitch. The result is a one-stop shop for connecting members of our community.

On March 16, existing Curse App users worldwide will receive a newly-branded Twitch Desktop App with the following features:

Servers: A communitys home base — complete with Twitch streams and chat.

Friends: Easily connect with gaming friends from all across the internet.

Whispers: Twitchs private chat messaging works seamlessly between the Twitch platform and the Twitch Desktop App.

Voice and Video Calls: World-class voice and video calls in one click.

Addons: Powerful game addons and mods that automatically update.

Game Commerce: Download games purchases fulfilled by Twitch when the sales program launches this spring.

Activity Sharing: The ability to see when your friends are streaming, watching a stream or playing a game on both platforms.

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