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Connect, chat, share files and send messages to friends from the games you are playing fast and easy with this intuitive application

Note:Curse has been acquired by Twitch and this app is nowTwitch Desktop App

Curseis a comprehensive communication solution that is tailor crafted around the needs of the users who enjoy playing games and streaming various activities, such as tutorials, guides, PvP or PvE content, for instance.

The utility comes with a sleek and stylish interface that enables you to effortlessly find your friends from the various games you are playing. The tool features a smart search and a synchronize system that can detect your friend list from different game dashboards, including , Steam and League of Legends accounts.

The highlight of the application stems from the fact that it can provide a clear VoIP service without eating too much of your bandwidth. In addition, the app includes voice suppression, echo cancellation and strong privacy options that can keep your personal information safe. While the app permits automatic chat sessions to start when you are online in the same game with your friends, you should bear in mind that you can modify this behavior from the Options menu.

On a side note, the utility can also help you monitor whether your video card driver is up to date or you have all necessary DirectX components installed on your computer. Moreover, it provides you with a simple way to make the updates or fix DirectX errors.

A noteworthy feature is that you can set up group chats to communicate with guild members in general and private channels, depending on the activity you are engaged in. In case you are leading your team, then the application allows you create a unique, private link that you can share with the users are directly interested in the conversation.

As far as the voice chat is concerned, you will be happy to learn that you can set hotkeys to toggle the microphone on and off, mute or turn on the sound, invite additional friends to the chat or send text messages. Speaking of IM, you can make the conversation more lively with rich-text emoticons, images and take advantage of the backup option that comes with a synchronized message tracking across all platforms.

In the eventuality that the communication solutions you are using to chat with guildies and in-game friends do not meet your expectations and you would like to create custom servers and channels that can answer to your teams needs and preferences, then perhaps Curse can lend you a hand.

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