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The name or term Deluge refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, seeDeluge (disambiguation).

You cant stop me this time, Batman!

Delugeis a, equipped with all the intelligence, skills, and egotistic depravity that such a position requires. He may or may not have a mad cackling laugh or a Siamese cat, but his chinplate does perhaps resemble a goatee.

He is officially a scientific consultant, but prefers to shun the mundane workaday world and spend his days plotting Evil Schemes and designing Doomsday Weapons. His preferred instruments of destruction are not the tried and true missiles or energy weapons otherTransformersuse, no no. An evil genius must maintain his image, you know. Deluge would rather tear apart his enemies withhigh-pressure fluid jets. How delightfully eccentric of him.

If he ever meets thatAutobot do-gooderwho shares his name, Deluge will probably use his powers to see that he is torn apart, limb from limb, but not until he reveals his secret, secret plan! HAhaHaHAEha!

Deluge was part of the project to create theInsecticons, which spawned three thousandshuffling horrorsand, starting withBombshell, three sentient creatures. He giggled mid-sentence, the weirdo.

A year later, he escorted many Autobots toCybertronvia a portal and with onlyone other Decepticon, so the instant the portal went down they were trapped on the planet with their very angry prisoners.All Hail Megatron 7Deluge and Dirge were soon abandoned by the Autobots and the scientist was killed by the Insecticon swarm.Stick Together

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When astrange Autobot visitorand hisQuintesson companionwandered into the wrong part ofCybertron, Deluge joinedJetstormand theBattlechargersin intimidating the pair. Unfortunately for Deluge and the other Decepticons, their foe wasway, way more powerfulthan they suspected and they were left defeated in a pile.The Coming Storm: Part 1

Deluge and Jetstorm later returned to Earth and hooked up withClenchand his Decepticon Syndicate. They battled againstAquafendandGobotsat theLarge Hadron Colliderin Switzerland when the forestonite gas escaped and mutated theirCNA.Generation 2: Redux

Deluge was an Autobot scientist, working on defensive measures. At some point he defected, and fought alongside the likes of thePredacons. He witnessed the many bots who sacrificed themselves againstUnicron, mostly to no avail, and began to researchPoint One Percenters. Many subjects died due to his experimentation. He was close when peace was imposed by theHuman Confederacyand had to abandon his research, for a time. But whenPredaconsandMaximalsemerged, he resumed his research, lest they some day be needed. Once again he had many horrible failures, but this time succeeded in creatingProtoform XandTrans-Mutate.The Inexorable March

TheHuman Confederacywas aware of Deluges reputation as a scientist.Chakfigured that if anyone would be able to take Doctorgakis work on superstring resonance flatlines and apply to them Cybertronian tech, itd be him orSpanner.Intersectionality

A year after the end of theGrand Uprising, the elderly and decrepit Deluge continued his work, now experimenting on someVehicondrones. Protoform X, now calling himself Rampage, tracked Deluge down to ask him why. Deluge explained himself, and pointed to theVehicon Apocalypseas justification for is actions. Rampage was not impressed; he murdered his father and destroyed his research. Deluge thanked him for the quick death he was granted.The Inexorable March

Deluge dueledDrenchon Cybertron.Color Changers commercial

Shockwaveand Deluge were dispatched to rein in the Constructicons when the team started getting friendly with the Autobots.The Master Builders

Aredecoof the European, Deluge transforms into an Indy style race car, seemingly based on the Williams FW14. His front half is covered intemperature-sensitive paint, going pale white if hit with warm water (or if he just gets warm by other methods). His weapon is a single-barreledwater pistolformed from his car-mode spoiler/engine. He also has stickers on each side of the drivers seat that read M. Edminson.

There is a tooling variation of this toy. Some have a water-cannon with the spoiler attached by a single bar, with a wider, shorter bellows attached to a raised base. Other versions use a two-peg connector for the spoiler with a thinner, taller bellows, and the attachment base is missing. It is unknown which version of the toy came first, and to complicate the issue, Speedstreams cannon uses a two-peg/thin-bellows setup, but has a (slightly different) raised attachment base.

E. J. Sugave Deluge a deliberate redesign for his appearance in

The Transformers: All Hail Megatron

: I did work on the redesign, but [Deluge] was specifically named in the script.

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