Xmanager Enterprise 5 brings you the most comprehensive set of network connectivity and management tools in one simple package. It includes a powerful X server, advanced SSH terminal emulator, secure file transfer client and an intuitive printer server.

Xmanager 5 Standard is our latest PC X Server with industry leading performance. It brings the power of Linux applications to the convenience of a Windows desktop. Access the full remote UNIX desktop environment or use individual X applications seamlessly right on your Windows desktop.

Xshell 5 is the latest version of our popular secure terminal emulator. We have redesigned it to offer a more attractive and intuitive user interface with a wide range of unique user convenient features such as split windows, detachable tabs and global synchronized input.

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Xmanager 6, Xshell 6, and Xftp 6 moves to Open Beta

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Progress report of the nssock2.dll Backdoor

The aftermath of ShadowPad and how were moving forward.