Introduction of Bittorrent

BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file sharing (P2P) communications protocol. BitTorrent is a method of distributing large amounts of data widely without the original distributor incurring the entire costs of hardware, hosting and bandwidth resources. Instead, when data is distributed using the BitTorrent protocol, each recipient supplies pieces of the data to newer recipients, reducing the cost and burden on any given individual source, providing redundancy against system problems, and reducing dependence on the original distributor.

Bittorrent uses TCP to transfer files and UDP for searching. It will use port 80 if the default TCP ports 6881-6889,6969 and 8080 can not be reached. Some bittorrent clients also support HTTP downloading.To completely block BT, please block UDP port 1024-65534 in your router.

WFilters solution for Bittorrent traffic management

Detect Bittorrent traffic in your network.

Implement a policy to block certain Bittorrent traffic.

Real-time application launching alert of Bittorrent.

Monitor Bittorrent s real-time bandwidth.

uTorrent ( Up to version 3.4 bulid 29382 )

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