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Keys to Act Like an Adult and Have Some Adventure

There are times when all I do is to daydream. I was about 13 years old at that time. I would just stay and sit inside the closet mostly for hours at a time. I would pretend about things while looking at the full-length mirror like I was a famous country singer or to look at my postcard collection. It was at the time the Dixie Chicks and Shania were at their peak. I just pretended to sing my version of the country songs that I loved. Oftentimes, I was told to keep my singing down by my sisters from downstairs. I pretended to be a country singer while I was on tour. Often, I was with my postcard collection to keep me company.

Back then I was exploring a lot of things. I played out all of my years even if I was a newlywed. With my husband, I managed to do five major tours around the country. We had a fine time in Arizona and Utah, and then to New England and to New Mexico and we had trips to the Pacific Northwest. We were bold then and never traveled with an itinerary. We asked the locals where to visit places and where to eat. We just booked hotel rooms at a whim and explored the back alleys for additions to my postcard collection.

We are having babies, we could no longer travel as much as we used do. As much we want to travel and add more to my postcard collection.

The best way to keep in tabs with the need to travel is to plan. Planning out things can be the best thing to do in order to expand my postcard collection. There are ways to save more when you are able to book the trips in advance and take advantage of the savings.

It is best to work with a solid budget and stick with the money you have with you. It is best to travel in a group since it is less expensive that way. Besides you can get more insights from your friends and family and be able to save some more while traveling.

I wanted to explore the world with my husband perhaps discover new things and add more in my postcard collection. We will not going to let the responsibilities we have to go against our desire to travel. We know we are adults and we need to do a lot of things such as having bills, responsibilities and to raise children. It is not impossible to have a road trip and it can be truly a reward if we are able to do it right. We should not be intimidated on the things that we need to do and we desire.

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