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Geological materials are what best describes an industrial mineral. On top that after their beneficial they can be used as raw materials or additives in a huge range of applications. Application in ceramic, construction, filtration, electronics, plastics, glass and detergents are some of the ways industrial minerals are used. Also some metallic compounds may be included in this category but possibly utilized under a non -metallic form. Certain test and evaluations are required before proclaiming vividly a specific mineral is an industrial one. According to the various types of mineral each is evaluated on its known to give significant results. An evaluation manual is obtained since the mineral category is wide. Mining is the extraction of valuable minerals or other geological materials from the earth’s surface.

Thus deposits are from various parts of the earth surface like the lode, vein, reef and others that form to be a mineral package which is of economic value. The purpose of mining is to obtain any material that cannot be grown through agricultural processes or created artificially in the laboratory. Gravel, gemstone, dimension stone, coals, metals, chalk, salt, potash, oil shale are some of the materials obtained in ores. Extraction of both minerals and non- renewable resources is what mining is all about. In the current world mining processes involve ore body prospective, profit analysis of the mine potentiality, extraction of desired mineral and finally the reclamation of the land. Techniques used in mining are divided into two classes of excavation types. Surface mining results to a bigger percentage of minerals obtained as compared to underground mining.

Erosion is the action of surface processes that removes rock, soil or dissolved material from one location on the earth’s crust and transports it to another location. Another issue is contamination of soil, surface water and ground water. Chemical contamination can result to deterioration of health by locals. Sink holes are cavities in the ground that are caused by water erosion. Coal fires can last for a long time and cause major damage impact to the environment. In the environment it releases toxic fumes, reignite bush, grass and forest fires causing damage to surface infrastructure like pipelines, roads, bridge supports, buildings and electric lines. These measures are codes and regulations that require basic steps to begin with.

They include environmental impact assessment, development of environmental management plans, mine closure planning and environmental monitoring. It is an alkali metal that is highly reactive and flammable and is stored in mineral oil. Lithium compounds has several industrial applications. Lithium has found to occur in three ways. The price chart of lithium consumption according to benchmark intelligence has been on the rise.

The services offered by Benchmark intelligence services on lithium is a lot. Price data collection and company assessment is the specialty of Benchmark intelligence services. The team offers price data, analysis and forecasting services for lithium ion cathode and anode raw materials.

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