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Quick Uncommon Tips for Expecting Parents

Being expectant can be both exciting and overwhelming especially if you are a first-time parent. With a lot of information that you need to take in all at once, it can be quite overwhelming. Below are some of the quick tips that you can use to breeze through this period.

During this time, trips to the obstetrician are important and compulsory and another quick trip that you need to make is to the dentist. When you are expectant, it is important to visit a dentist at least once. The chances of getting bacteria gum infections are high when you are expectant due to the changing levels of hormones which can cause premature delivery when the bacteria finds its way to the blood stream.

There is the notion that when you are pregnant, you are supposed to eat for two which can be quite misleading which is not true and especially during your first few months of pregnancy. When you are pregnant you need a boost of about 300 calories which is not a lot since eating too much can cause you to be overweight which can lead to problems during childbirth. Instead of eating a lot, go for healthy snacks from time to time throughout the day since this will help to curb your hunger pangs and the need to eat a lot while ensuring that you are getting the right nutrients for your baby.

When you are five months on, it is important to put together a team to help you out. A baby nurses, pediatrician and lactation consultant are some of the crucial people that you will need. A quick way to do this is to get recommendation from family and friends and you can also check in with online communities.

It is also important to buy light colored clothing for your baby when going outdoor that can block the sun without blocking the breeze. Most doctors agree that new born babies should not be exposed to the harmful rays of the sun. consult your doctor to find out if you can go ahead and use sunscreen but also remember to buy shaded hats and umbrellas can also come in handy during this time and it is prudent to buy them early on to avoid the last-minute rush.

Pre moistened wipes are also not he best for new born babies although most people tend to use them. Using such wipes can be disadvantageous for the skin of your baby since they contain chemicals that could easily irritate the skin of your new born child. Instead, opt for cotton balls soaked in warm water as you progress and become ready to use wipes, use those that are free from alcohol and any scent.

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