Samsung took out a four-shot mobile phone, but unfortunately, the sincerity is insufficient, and it challenges the domestic mobile phone to become a luxury.

Samsung took out a four-shot mobile phone, but unfortunately, the sincerity is insufficient, and it challenges the domestic mobile phone to become a luxury.
Faced with Huawei’s limelight that led the multi-camera mobile phone, Samsung finally couldn’t sit still. Recently released a rear-mounted four-camera mobile galaxy A9, which finally pressed Huawei in the number of cameras, but took pictures from the media released A9. In view of the fact that the level of photography is too scum, the performance configuration can not keep up with the shackles, and the price is too Samsung, it seems that it can only stay in the verbal challenge of Chinese mobile phones.

A9 is not competitive

Samsung’s galaxy A9 is really unique in shooting. The four cameras are wide-angle lens, optical zoom lens, main camera and depth-of-field auxiliary lens. The camera has a clear division of labor. It has always been the technology that it has in shooting. From galaxy S6 to galaxy S7 are the world’s leading mobile phone handsets. The galaxy note8 and galaxy note9 released in the past two years have further enhanced their focus technology, and the power of multiple lenses is indeed quite expected. .

However, from the photo photos disclosed by the media, the photos taken by galaxy A9 are yellower than galaxy note9, the texture is not clear enough, and the fonts are blurred. It shows that there is still a big gap in the camera level. This may also be because it does not affect the sales of high-end mobile phones such as galaxy note9, so it is not used on the A9.

In terms of configuration, the galaxy A9 uses Qualcomm’s Opteron 660 chip, which is a chip that has been released for more than two years. It has been widely used in domestic mobile phones for thousands of dollars, even if it is riddled with low price OPPO The recently introduced K1 mobile phone with this chip is also priced at 1599 yuan, but the price of the galaxy A9 is nearly 4,000 yuan.

If OPPO and vivo are low-priced and high-priced, then Samsung can be called a grandfather. In order to profit regardless of market reality, it is only by their imagination that galaxy A9 has made such a price from the market reality. Naturally, this mobile phone face It is difficult to be competitive enough for Chinese mobile phones like wolves.

Samsung challenges Chinese mobile phones into luxury

Samsung has a market share of nearly 20% in the Chinese market. However, in the past few years, its share of the Chinese smartphone market has rapidly declined to less than 1%. Although its share of the smartphone market in China has declined in the past, its position as the leader of the global mobile phone is still rock solid with its leading position in markets outside China.

However, since 2016, Chinese mobile phone brands have come to the sea, showing a blooming trend. Huawei has made breakthroughs in Europe, voice in Africa, millet in India and Russia, OPPO in Southeast Asia, and even achieved the market share advantage of leading Samsung. Samsung is global. The smartphone market share began to decline further until the second quarter of this year, a sharp decline, Samsung’s quarterly smartphone shipments also hit a new low to 71.5 million, which made it start to panic.

As a result, Samsung began to frequently talk about competing with Chinese mobile phones in the low-end market. It first launched the low-end mobile galaxy J series in the Indian market. This strategy has been successful. In the second quarter of this year, the Indian market successfully countered Xiaomi’s recapture of smartphones. The position of the market share first. Samsung also said that it wants to counter the Chinese mobile phone brand in the mid-end market, but it has not been able to come up with a competitive product. The galaxy A9 is another effort in the mid-market.

However, judging from the pricing and performance of galaxy A9, it is undoubtedly showing that Samsung wants to compete with Chinese mobile phones and hopes to have a place in the price-performance mobile phone market. However, when it comes to real products, it also considers the profit factor. The backward chip, but the price is high enough in the sky, reflects its timid style, how can it compete with the Chinese mobile phone’s forward-looking strength?

Perhaps the market regulator SA estimates that Samsung’s shipments this year have fallen below 300 million units. The next year, if it continues to maintain such a competitive style, shipments may decline further, while Huawei’s emphasis will be on next year’s The goal of surpassing Samsung to become the world’s largest mobile phone brand in the quarter will become a reality, and Samsung will have to take the courage to revolutionize it if it wants to avoid this result.related articles