Passers-by encounter Liu Qiangdong Zhang Zetian, a detail caught the attention of netizens!

Passers-by encounter Liu Qiangdong Zhang Zetian, a detail caught the attention of netizens!
Dong Ge has disappeared for a long time, and even the World Internet Conference is embarrassed to participate. What’s more important is that this incident has not only affected Dongge’s reputation, but also caused the ups and downs of Jingdong’s stock price. What about the milk tea sister? Although some people later exposed milk tea sisters have also dressed up and glamorous to attend the event, but it has not been seen for a long time to see the two people come together to interact sweetly.

However, recently, a passer-by had encountered a couple of Liu Qiangdong and Zhang Zetian on the streets of London, so they took a video and praised the tea sister very thin. The two are dressed casually and look very low-key, but one detail reveals the current relationship between the two. It turned out that Dong Ge’s right arm was close to the waist of the sister of the tea, and it felt that the previous things did not affect the sweet relationship between the two!

Some netizens said: Looking at the facts tells us that only the relationship established by money can last for a long time. The couple used to love the manuscript, I never disliked, and people who feel sour are jealous. But now, when that happened? Also want to stir up the lover, set it aside! Zhang Ze’s genius was married in the green for three years, and the woman who felt that she had not received good results!

However, some netizens think that the sister of milk tea has met many people who are really high society because of Liu Qiangdong’s reasons. Although the tea family is in a good condition, it is not the average person. But if the interpersonal relationship of milk tea is completely stable one day, if Dongge is still derailed, it may not be necessary at that time. After all, the people who are derailed by Dongge know the whole country.

Some netizens said: TV dramas have put this almost the story, Dongzi out of this matter, Jingdong reputation, personal reputation is damaged, the stock price plummeted, the enemy is still in the dark, the company’s board of directors wants to shake his position. Milk tea may know that others have always wanted to see her jokes and want her phoenix to change back to the pheasant. No more things to do, my wife believes that her husband, her husband loves her wife, can not derail, pull back the social credit value, the rich people are fortunate (Xin) Fu (bitter).related articles

However, some people think that milk tea may not really care. In fact, a 20-year-old girl can easily love her uncle. This man is mature and successful, can teach her a lot of things, take her to see the bigger world, it is easy to admire him. Since ancient times, there is no male or female appearance? She should have feelings for him. Although her ambition must be there, she is actually in a good condition. I want to find a rich one. It is more handsome than the Jingdong Daxie, but she chose Dongge, which shows that the age is really love!