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China Beach

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China attacks tycoon Guo Wengui for client leaks at HNA group Xinhua

China attacks tycoon Guo Wengui for client leaks at HNA group: Xinhua Billionaire businessman Guo Wengui speaks during an interview in New York City, US, on April 30, 2017. HONG KONG (Reuters) – Exiled Chinese tycoon Guo Wengui is suspected of obtaining confidential client data of aviation-to-financial services conglomerate HNA


CTorrent is a BitTorrent Client program written in C/C++ for FreeBSD and Linux. Fast and small are CTorrents two strengths. File SharingFile Transfer Protocol (FTP) GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2) Get project updates, sponsored content from our select partners, and more. Invalid email address. Please try again. Congo,

Just moved to China and have a couple questions

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Six Ways to Bypass Torrent Connection Blocking and Throttling

With the massive increase in popularity of torrents many ISPs have started throttling torrent downloads (i.e. limiting download/upload speeds) and many colleges and universities are blocking torrents outright. Bypassing these techniques can be laughably easy or maddeningly confusing depending upon the technique employed for limiting or blocking torrent downloads. Here